Training Outcomes & Inclusions

At the end of this training you will have all of the Mindset-Hacking tools you need to completely transform your own mindset and change your life!

This training is the 4 core tools within the Source4Shift® Mindset-Hacking toolkit, plus the Transformation in 15 Minute Per Day Blueprint, Life Decoder, Breakthrough Process and the Quick-Fix Process!

This training is for personal transformation use only, using it on others the Practitioner Training.


1. How attract more of what you want (money, love, opportunities etc) by being able to clear emotional baggage, transform limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, in seconds (The Clearing Tool)

2.  How to confirm what beliefs you actually hold, non more guess work (The Communication Tool)

3. How uncover the exact beliefs, emotional baggage, patterns and blocks hidden in YOUR subconscious  (The Digging Tool)

4.  How to clear everything from the ROOT CAUSE, this includes past lives, DNA/maternal and paternal lines, environments (religious and cultural), personality wiring, personal experiences, energetic interference such as curses, hex’s and spells, contracts and vows to name a few.  NOTE:  You don’t have to believe in all of these for the tool to work…

5.  How to do a 5 min quick release and clearing when you need it on the go

6.  How to do a deeper breakthrough when you need serious transformation

7.  How to turbo boost your manifesting mojo through deep subconscious re-programming and clearing together (The Power Programming Tool)


1.  A Facebook Support group for ongoing support and a community of like-minded people

2.  A reference manual plus cheat sheets and quick guides to make it even easier

3.  Lifetime access to the training

Training Details

FORMAT: Online, the training is currently available as a home-study/go-at-your-own-pace course

DURATION: Most videos are only 30 mins except one that is nearly an hour so it’s easy to learn and digest

PREREQUISITES: There are no prerequisites

INVESTMENT:Live training $1997 or $997 for the online Homestudy training.

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