Group Coaching Support

What is it?

This is an optional and regular live group call that is designed for those who want to receive coaching and mentoring to move through ceilings and blocks faster, and for those who feel like they need some extra support to really KNOW how to use the tools.

Some people do the training and just get it and can run with it, so rather than boring them to tears doing integration, troubleshooting and mastery sessions, it’s an extra you can choose to jump into, for as long as you want, and then jump out when you feel really confident.

These sessions are also getting help and guidance on your current breakthrough area and actually DOING the work.  So for those that aren’t great at continuing to use what they learn after their trainings, this is the solution!

Consistency is what leads to quantum leaps and massive success, so many people use these sessions to get into a habit of using the tools to get the absolute most out of their investment.

How it works

These sessions are twice a month for 90 minutes where you can jump into the hot seat or ask a question to help you keep moving forward with the tools and your breakthroughs.

The sessions are booked the month before and are like the class times, on different days and times so as many people can attend the live calls at least once in the month.  You will receive the class access links via email with reminders the week before the session.

You receive the recording so you can learn from other people’s questions as the Universe is pretty good at the 2 for 1’s (or more), often one person’s struggle is the same as someone elses so when I work with them, I’m often working with a load of others.

You can stay for as many months as you like or jump in for a month and jump out until you need it again but you pay for the full months sessions.  Your other option is to do a private coaching with Rach for $500 for an hour 😉


Pay as you go/Pay as you need:

3 hours of group coaching, mentoring and support per month

Monthly Subscription $88

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Private Sessions $500 per hour

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