10 X MORE Powerful and Effective than Repeating Affirmations!

I can’t confirm that it’s exactly 10 times more powerful, how the hell do you even measure that kind of stuff but whatever the “number” is, it’s “waaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful” in ways aren’t exactly quantifiable!

We already know that mindset is a huge part of your success, wealth, health, love, confidence, abundance etc, or lack there of…  So what you believe to be true at a subconscious level determines what you experience in everything.  EVERYTHING.

Affirmations are great, they feel good but if you are a person who has tried them and not noticed much of a difference, this is why…

If your subconscious believes the opposite to be true, it resists taking the new belief on!

Why is Power Programming so Effective?

Repeating affirmations is working largely with the level of the conscious mind and if the subconscious (the body mind) isn’t in alignment with taking it on, it won’t… so it’s like knocking repeatedly on a door that’s locked with a bouncer in front of it saying “No. Nope. Not happening.”

It’s almost futile.  You might last long enough to wear him down eventually to get something in but that’s a lot of wasted time and energy.

Oh, and did I mention you can do it within a minute?!?  Yeah, it’s FAST!

The Source4Shift Power Programming tool is part of the suite of transformation tools that make up Source4Shift, and in this masterclass I am going to teach you how to activate your affirmations so the subconscious ALLOWS it in now!

What you will walk away with:

  1.   How to unlock your subconscious mind to let you program in new empowering beliefs
  2.   Knowing how to formulate super powerful belief statements that make the maximum amount of difference now
  3.   A strategy to start transforming your life using Power Programming
  4.   A pre-done list of powerful programming belief statements for loads more wealth, success, abundance and confidence when you stay until the end!

Get the free 60 minute masterclass.  I will be giving you the tool and stuff you need to know to use it powerfully from day 1!

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