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We are a small team with a BIG vision and a MASSIVE mission to teach these tools to as many people as possible so they can transform their life, their finances, their relationships and body and always be able to keep moving forward…


Lead Trainer & Master Coach (Creator of Source4Shift)

Rach is a Master Coach, trainer, as well as the creator and developer of the Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking tools. Coaching since 2003, her background includes being certified as a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Subconscious Repatterning and Results Coaching, as well as a Theta Practitioner, and multiple modalities of Energy Healer.

An entrepreneur as well as an avid learner has seen her integrate Journey and Shadow work into her coaching practice, teaching emotion and mindset mastery, as well as developing her intuition and her spiritual connection to her Team, which led to channeling Source4Shift® Neuro- Hacking tools into being.

You can learn even more about Rach on her other website by CLICKING HERE

Customer Awesomeness and Support Superstar

Bek is Rach’s right hand Wonderwoman and the super star who is responsible for customer service and student support in the back office.  She also doubles as Rach’s personal assistant doing odd and regular jobs within the business to keep it running smoothly.

She is multi-talented and skilled, also juggling work and baby care but seriously rocking it just like the rest of the team at Source4Shift®!  We couldn’t do what we do without her and we all feel very blessed to have her on the Team.


Practitioner in Training For Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking

Nat is a certified Wellness Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Chakra Balancing Practitioner, Mindfulness Master and on top of all that awesomeness, her business also incorporates herbs and specialised teas (even personalised ones which are well worth checking out HERE!).

She’s absolutely amazing and in her spare time she is training in Tibetan Buddhist Mediation and mindfulness techniques, making her a very valuable team member to support our students coming through!

Using the Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking Tools have become second nature for Nat and she uses it habitually for anxiety, relationships, physical ailments, approaching difficult conversations, expanding her business and achieving financial security.

She will be using Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking as the power-tools to help her clients with mindset along with everything else she does to help with physical and energetic health and well-being.

Practitioner in Training For Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking

Naarah is also certified in Kinesiology and has such a profound experience with the Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking Tools that she can’t wait to add it to her toolkit when working with clients in her business that she’ll be stepping into and launching soon enough!

Here is what she has to say about it “I had tried various self-development techniques and was proactive, but ultimately my old patterns of behaviour just kept taking over.

Source4Shift® Neuro-Hacking has helped me move past, unblock and release certain fears, beliefs and mindsets that I was thinking I would be stuck with forever. I am constantly wowed by its simplicity to powerfully shift deep emotional blocks that have plagued me for years.

I look forward to helping those who feel burdened by the past, feel heavy about the future and unable to get past fears and anxieties to live a peaceful, calm life.”


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