what makes Source4Shift®
Mindset-Hacking tools special?

it’s fast, easy and extremely effective…

Because they work directly with your spirit, mind, heart/soul and body on a subconscious level.

Each of these is an “Intelligence Centre” that work in synergy. To gain the access to rapid, maximum healing and transformation potential of any of them, it requires you work with ALL of them. Together they make up your “Holistic Intelligence System” whose power is exponentially more potent together.

Many modalities don’t work with all 4 which is why they are hit and miss. They work with the mind but not the emotions, soul or spirit… Or work with energy but not the body mind (aka “subconscious”).

The Source4Shift® Mindset-Hacking tools are designed to be working on all 4 levels simultaneously for maximum transformation.

the tools to open the door to a better life.

for breakthroughs

For when you need serious change, the Source4Shift® Mindset-Hacking tools give you the capability to do your own breakthrough work so you don’t need to wait until you see your coach or healer to do it for you, do it when YOU want and need it.

Use the Mindset-Hacking tools to identify AND clear beliefs, patterns and emotional baggage that are causing your low self-esteem and confidence issues, self-sabotaging behaviours making building a thriving and wildly successful business hard, scarcity mentality etc, money problems.  These Mindset-Hacking tools accelerate the transformation process by including a Power Programming tool (that you can get for FREE) to install and power up kickass, positive beliefs!

to get through challenges in the moment

When someone has said something that triggers you to feel hurt or pissed off, or your fears and insecurities are stopping you from taking the action you need to take in the moment, use the Source4Shift® Mindset-Hacking tools to clear it to make it through without making it worse, or to change the experience so it’s way better than it was going.

You can turn things around in minutes and keep going on with your day until you can do the breakthrough work to clear the underlying beliefs attracting the people/experiences to you, or causing you to emotional react the way you do. 

frequently asked questions

How do the Source4Shift® Mindset-Hacking Tools work?

They use a powerful and super efficient mixture of energy, activation points, strategically designed statements and intention.  They work on all 4 levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and it clears limiting beliefs and emotional baggage from a vast array of root causes including (but not limited to) past lives, DNA, family lines, environment, culture, religion, energetic vows, contracts, spiritual interference, curses, spells and personality wiring.

This is why they are classed as “Mindset-Hacking Tools”, because they are the shortcuts to deep transformation and permanent change.  They work directly with the subconscious mind to release, heal and clear what is not serving you, and to power program in the beliefs that will actually move you into action, or attract in what you are working towards.

And while doing all of that, you will be developing your intuition and connection with your “Team in Spirit” whoever that is.

How was it developed?

Rach has certified and used multiple modalities in her coaching career including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shadow and Journey Work, Theta Healing along with other energy healing modalities, and each one was missing something making it not completely transformational in the way Rach knew something could be.

Other pieces of the frame work came through in the channeling sessions Rach does with her business partner at Spirit4Success.com, related to “The 4 Intelligences” and moving conceptual beliefs down into the subconscious body-mind.

Since 2016 when it was first developed, Rach has been teaching people how to use these Mindset-Hacking tools, continuing to evolve them and find other ways they can be even more fast and powerful.  There was so much to using these Mindset-Hacking tools that she had to layer them in the training so people had a better opportunity to master them with more ease and grace!

Do you need to believe in Source/Spirit/<pick a higher power> for it to work?

No you don’t.  If “Spirit/Source/God” or whatever doesn’t fit into your model of the world, you can frame it as “programming and directing your subconscious to do the work”.  It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the fact is that it works.

Who developed it?

Rach Wilson.  She has been a life coach since 2003, certified as a Master at NLP, Hypnosis, Results Coaching and Subconscious Repattening in 2005.  Working with various spiritual teachers and energy healing modalities including Integrated Energy, Metatronic Energy and Reiki since 2008.  She was contracted to be a coach for Summer McStravick’s Manifesting and Empathic School in 2015-2016 working with hundreds of students on their mindset, manifesting and developing their intuition.

She’s passionate about people having Neuro-Hacking tools themselves and not being dependent on any coach, expert of guru to change their lives.  To her, this is true empowerment!

Why was it developed?

Rach was tired of doing the work with her clients and needing to keep working with them for change to keep going.  She wanted to TEACH them the tools so they were truly empowered to transform their own lives with very little ongoing input from her.

So she blended the best and most effective parts of each modality and intuitively added the glue and other pieces to fill in the gaps.  They’re complex yet super simple suite of Mindset-Hacking tools that anyone can use, and her mission is to teach them to millions of people so they can transform their lives, get past their blocks and create the business and life of their dreams sooner than later, and without having to spend tens of thousands doing multiple modalities like she did.


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